Human Resources

We know how time-consuming HR can be and, to add to the pressure, getting it wrong can be costly and disruptive.

We’ll reduce management hassle and costs.

Some small and medium-sized businesses use us as their outsourced HR department. Others use us the whole way from sourcing and interviewing candidates to final interviews and then on to onboarding, taking full advantage of our complementary recruitment capability.

We know how time-consuming HR can be and, to add to the pressure, getting it wrong can be costly and disruptive. Employment tribunals are on the rise, which is a huge concern for businesses that don’t have the time or money to go through lengthy court proceedings. (And, let’s face it, who does?).

Get your HR Health Check​

Do your employment contracts, policies and procedures comply with the latest employment law? And do they offer you protection when defending an employment related claim? For a fixed price of £500, we will carry out a no-obligation HR Health Check, reviewing all your current documentation and processes. We’ll come back with a report highlighting any weaknesses and put together recommendations associated costs to support and protect your business.

Expertise in Employment Law

Understanding employment law is a specialist area that requires specialist skills. By outsourcing your HR to us, you’ll benefit from our expertise without the expense of an in-house HR team. We’ll take the time to understand your business and work with you to improve employee retention, growth and your company culture.

Employee Handbook​

An employee handbook is something most businesses now have as a matter of course – and for good reason. A well-compiled handbook reflects policies and procedures that are the foundation of your agency culture. It is vital to have policies on diversity, equality and family-friendly flexible working hours, for example, and we can help you create them.


There are defined guidelines for redundancy and these processes must be followed. A well-managed redundancy programme can preserve your company culture and help employees move on to new roles. We offer CV and interview training to provide tangible support to those at risk of redundancy, providing help and a sympathetic ear when they need it most.

Investigations, disciplinaries and grievances​

These are always tricky and delicate conversations to have with employees – it’s important they are handled sensitively and in line with the employment laws. Our experience can help deliver positive outcomes in the most difficult of situations.



A complex, legal process with no ‘one size fits all’. We have the experience of managing this journey end-to-end from both sides (incoming to your business and outgoing).


We have a training partner who can deliver a wide range of programmes from presentation skills to effective management.


A thorough onboarding programme will give your new starter the feeling of belonging from Day 1, and the best chance of succeeding. We can manage this time-consuming process for you, working with your team heads to structure a tailored induction for each individual.


Personal development

To get the most out of your people and to retain your best talent, you need individual development plans for each member of staff. Millennials, for example, expect regular feedback and they need a process that enables them to measure their own achievements, which is why we generated our ‘You and Your Focus’ programme especially for them.

Caroline Alam

HR Director

Well, in a few words, a very confident HR all-rounder who has worked across a range of talent platforms within the agency world – a culture that I love being immersed in.

Here’s a flavour of my experience:

  • On-boarding process for new starters and company acquisitions
  • Headed up TUPE processes of 100+ people from both an incoming and outgoing perspective
  • Redundancy management end-to-end
  • Employee relations, investigations, disciplinary and grievances
  • Team development
  • Systems management
  • Recruitment from sourcing to appointment


I had the pleasure of working alongside Caroline for 5 years. I have always found Caroline to be professional and approachable with a great care for people. She is a fair HR professional and her decision-making is both objective and impartial. She would take the lead on all things HR, despite having a HR director in place, and would often have a well thought out, clear pathway to the right solutions and outcomes. Every HR team needs a Caroline!

Pauline Inniss, Operations Director – Retail7

Caroline is an HR professional who had the difficult task of integrating my smaller communications company into the much larger HPS Group for which she was totally responsible. It was a long process made smoother and easier by Caroline as her understanding and commitment to the people concerned allowed them to settle and ultimately perform in their new environment. The ongoing support for myself and my staff ensured that my communications group became a valuable contributor to the overall business. I will always be grateful for her hard work, honesty and professionalism.

Tony Jardine – Communications Director – HERO-ERA Events Ltd and Sky Presenter for Formula 1


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